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StirfryMBA takes this opportunity to thank its 100 personalities/ thought leaders across the globe who have been featured on the stirfryMBA platform.

The time we did our first feature of ‘India’s Super Model’-Mariette Valsan to the 100th feature– The Empress of Chicken- Perizaad Zorabian’, we at StirfryMBA.com, didn’t realize that we have completed 100 features and thought leaders, across the globe triggering millions of thoughts through their leadership views on life and business. StirfryMBA has grown from strength to strength and we thank each one of them for sharing their journey and experiences.

Some key thoughts that were triggered by like Perizaad’s views of life and values, ‘No matter how fantastic you are, how intelligent you are and how brilliant you are, if you are a bad person, good things won’t happen to you.

On the other end of the spectrum we had Manoj Chugh, President at Mahindra & Mahindra, who gave us the mantra for building a $10 Trillion-dollar economy. The principles suggested give us a clear vision inspite of the challenges we as a country have with regards to our diversity. He, gave us a direction to focus on differentiation and not valuation. Will your customer sleep better? If you do not have a good answer- it better be a sleepless night for you!

We ventured into the world of Analytics with Siddhartha Roy and got some practical tips for building brands from Lulu Raghavan, MD at Landor & Fitch, to Donna Kunde all the way from US who co-related her military background to focus and prioritization.

We had the Artists from the Fine Arts world with Larissa Simpson who emphasized on how beauty is in all things around us to the ‘Devi’- the all women cast, film-maker, Priyanka Banerjee. Her advice to anyone wanting to be a film maker is that you need to have a unique set of experiences which means simply put – live your life , try to live it as interesting as possible, emotional experiences, travel, or observing people or being around people to our own Chamak Chalo girl in Hamsika to Rekha Pallath, an architect, software professional and India’s gift to USA as a singer who believes that  ‘what’s a life without an impossible dream’! Keep asking yourself, who can I be and what more can I do to make it better for me and others? 

We had leaders from the defence and armed forces, the protectors of the society – Mr Quaiser Khalid who is now Commissioner of Railway Police, Mumbai to army man turned politician Captain Brijesh Chowtha to American Soldier of Indian Origin Hitarth Dalal, who though must be in his twenties, clearly had one advice to young aspirants ‘Embrace it’.. there will definitely be lots of things you will hate. There will definitely be moments that will make you think why you joined, but after all that comes a sense of deep satisfaction. We had an Ex Navy man,Pravin Tulpule who wearing a clown face is helping spread love and joy with patients.

The medical fraternity also gave us tips from Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi who guided us not only on bypassing the bypass surgery but also on how we could reduce corruption and improving quality of life to India’s smile doctor in Dr. Sandesh Mayekar.

We had life fighters who fought against all odds, and who actually made lemonade when life gave them lemons, be it Prerona Roy who survived a major fire accident, observed that people give up easily because they are trying to look at eating the big elephant. It’s about breaking it into moments and days. Taking one day at a time. Small steps to just breathe and feel I am alive. And thanking the universe about it and we have Nishta Dudeja , who was Miss Deaf Asia, who summarizes life challenges on ‘Don’t be hard on yourself. If you feel like giving up, take a break and think about it. It is the easiest choice to give up but if you really want to achieve something, then don’t give up, tolerate some for now and you will be awarded”.

Ms Garima Avtar, India’s Rally Car Racer, who being a single mother gave us the importance of having a ‘sense of purpose in life and how having compassion, empathy, humility will always stand you in good stead. Irrespective of the challenges in your life, one should never give up or lose hope and Sneha Sharma who is like the Wonder Woman who flies planes and drives fast cars in a male dominated world.

It is said that teachers are our best support system and we featured School teachers who chalk talked like Ms Pramila Kudva from Mumbai to Seema Sapru from Kolkata whose goal is to make happy individuals..how unique!!

Business wisdom was shared by senior industry leaders like Mukund Rajan, Sushil Rathi, Nirmal Jain, Kiran Gadela, Viiveck Verma,  Rajesh Dhuddu, Prabodha Acharya to the Czarinas of Marketing and research world, Rama Bijapurkar , Rashi Goel and Jessie Paul.

We had life coaches from Jordan, Luma Jamjoum, on thinking different. Try and explore new ideas without bringing your old ideas along for the ride. , also Learn how to learn ( this is an important one ) and the most tricky. Sargam Mishra gave us insights on Pranic Healing, demystifying the myths around the subject to Miriam Gilbert from UK, who shared the blue print of being successful. Cristina Comofreddo from her Italy and South African office helped us understand solving bigger problems faced by humanity.

The young minds who inspired us were Social entrepreneurs like Drishti Kharbanda from Sarvani Foundation to Sanjana Pai from Pink Box to teenagers who have become thought models like Swarup, Aryaman, to REDfine girls from NCR region.

From Community radio to Aroma, from beauty pageants to the 24 year old Kamalini Paul from De Sovrani Hotel, Kolkata to Fitness expert from France, Ms. Rinku who recently got featured in Forbes magazine, to Minakshi Shukla who has redefined fitness goals for the corporate world, all our features have been an inspiration and triggered million thoughts in all our minds.

We thank all of them, the second phase begins and you could read all of them and more on stirfrymba.com

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