7 Mantras for Welcoming Back Employees to physical office from ‘Work From Home’.

7 Mantras for Welcoming Back Employees to physical office from ‘Work From Home’.

Ramdas Shenoy, chants 7 Mantras for welcoming employees to physical office

With the 3rd wave hopefully not raising its ugly head anymore and many large and small enterprises are welcoming back their employees to office from the WFH scenario, it is not going to be as simple as it appears. Organizations are going to find it difficult for getting back to old days and will have to make the transition smoother for employees who have now got used to home ways of functioning.

Organizations will have to make this return more enjoyable ! Organizations are chalking out ways to improve the transition of back to workplace for their team members. Ankit Gupta, Director of Kolkata based Omni Impex, says, “ We need to welcome the employees. It could be a simple card with a personalised message. The intent is important than the cost of the gift”.

Mr. P K. Krishnaprasad, Founder and Managing Director of Symphony Tech, a leading Mumbai based HR Recruitment and Consulting firm said, “People are now more concerned about the health and safety aspect and want to be sure that they are going to be in a safe and sanitised workplace”.

StirfryMBA has tried to list some welcome ideas to get employees back to office.

1.After Swach Bharath…it has to be Swach Office

The workstations and cubicles have to be neat and clean. You cannot have stinking and moist work places, especially since most of the employees and the Government’s decision was at short notice with regards to the lockdown

2.It has to be welcome Gifts to Greet Returning Employees

You have to show that you missed them in office and it could be supported with small gestures in form of gifts when the employees return to their desks—what you give as gift is left to you…based on the budget…gesture is important !

3. Chai Pe Charcha—Over a cup of tea/coffee

If your normal work rules did not allow socialization and discussion during work hours, you should consider them now that people are back in the office. Many people have been alone in their homes for months and are looking forward to these interactions. People are longing for this sense of belonging.

4. Flexible Timings

All schools have not reopened, and supporting these challenges, organizations have to offer flexible timings to their employees so that they are able to maintain the logistics on home front. You should consider offering flex time for extended lunches or be willing to allow team members to go to lunches together to reconnect.

5. Morning Meetings With Benefits

Put spice or sweetness to your morning meetings where it could be some coffee, tea, cookies or some munching—it will make the atmosphere more relaxed and will help people get comfortable with meeting in groups again.

6. Team building activities

Team-building activities brings in a fun element at the work place. Even serious review processes and regulations can be worked out in a lighter environment. Whether we like it or not it is a stressed out environment and people are yearning to get back to the good old times.

7. Time Management

Pre or Post COVID, time management is an important success factor for generating positivity, trust and enable to enhance productivity.  Priorities of people have changed and it is important that we realize this and create a schedule which will fit in with the organization’s goals and personal priorities.

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