7 Marketing Trends for 2022!

7 Marketing Trends for 2022!

Ramdas Shenoy from StirfryMBA gathers insights on the marketing trends for 2022.

Amidst the new variant Omicron, which could peak in the month of February 2022 as per some statistical IIT studies, let us look at some marketing trends which would be prevalent in 2022. In this Co-Covid world, other than following the Covid norms, these will be something you need to watch out for.

  1. Meta world

Meta is going to be the new world, where Facebook is trying to realign its focus on the virtual and augmented reality world. Businesses in the B2C will have no option but to look at offering these experiences to its customers. You also see a lot of noise on the ‘End of the Facebook era’, but as of now Facebook is not going anywhere and in fact it is going strong.

2. Influencer Marketing

You need to look out for influencers in your own domains be it B2B or B2C, as influencer marketing is going to take a major chunk of your marketing budgets. Marketers should look for opportunities to partner with influencers in their space.

3.Sensitive to Privacy

People are becoming sensitive to invasion of privacy and the way celebrity marriages are having NDA and no mobile camera clause for guests, new privacy regulations do not allow marketing activities to break the wall of privacy. Advertising which was slowly being governed by Artificial Intelligence will start facing the brunt of privacy norms.

4.LinkedIn Marketing an important tool in your armour

Marketers are understanding the nuances of getting best results for their marketing efforts on LinkedIn as a platform. LinkedIn too is evolving and changing and an important thing which we cannot miss in our marketing plans.

5. Moments of truth- Test Drive

Customers will look for experiences and this will be critical in the decision making process and Enterprises will have to find ways and means of improving the moments of truth or the experiences the customer has at each touch points in the buying life cycle.

6. Era of Minimal

You cannot be everywhere to mark your presence. It is better to focus on few channels than go all out. It is important to understand that though there are many options available, target audience too, have their presence registered on many channels and there is a clear over lap. Intelligent businesses should focus on putting all their efforts on one channel, a direct contradiction to the old adage “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

7. Fundas still matter!

You see lot of marketers claiming to be champions of Digital marketing. It is easy to lose your focus, and people try to exhibit their one-upmanship. The way we need to know the language alphabets before you master the language, it is important for us to get our marketing fundas cleared. Get your basics right!

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