9 Tips to be productive and effective in a Working From Home(WFH) scenario.

9 Tips to be productive and effective in a Working From Home(WFH) scenario.

Ramdas Shenoyy lists down some simple steps to be effective, when you are working from home.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Trying times call for tough measures. In the times of the Corona Virus pandemic, Governments are giving advisory to work from home. Large enterprises will have the infrastructure to support WFH specifically in the IT world, but start-ups will struggle to get the same kind of productivity from the team. It is easy to talk about high handedness of a startup #Shadowfax in Bengalaru where they wanted their team member to remain in front of the camera. But even if the employer trusts, some handy tips that could work for a work from home which an employee could adopt.

  1. Create a Home office: Creating an environment, where you have a proper chair and desk/ or working table. Couch or bean bag may be a good idea for a Google employee but for others it is good that you create an environment or a workspace where you get serious. In a typical Neuro-Linguistic programming training, they ask the participant to break the state and then live the moment. On similar lines for testing the efficacy of the situation, it is better that you create that environment, so that you operate in a better state
  2. Make a to-do list for the day: with or without WFM, it is better that you have a ‘To-do list. The to-do list helps in prioritizing, you become accountable to your self. You can take the necessary correctives for the various tasks.
  3. Get dressed – do not work in your pajamas. Since ages, we all follow a certain dress code while doing something important, be it a school uniform or a formal dress code in the office. To get into a serious and focused state, it is good that you dress for the occasion. If one is in a casual state, then you tend to be  casual in your overall approach
  4. Don’t have friends drop in (definitely not now—we are looking at social distancing). Don’t allow or tell friends and relatives that you are working at home. WFM doesn’t mean that it is party time. It is more challenging since you have to answer your own conscience in tackling the challenge and manage productivity.
  5. Use video presence for meetings and reviews: Start living in the video world. It not only helps to have better engagement with the team, but it also helps to bring in the seriousness in the conversation. Also start having meetings using video apps. To do review meetings over phone and video will help in better efficiency.
  6. Exercise regularly: When you are in office, it is always suggested that you take regular posture breaks that help you to remain fit. WFH also warrants that you have a regular exercise routine at least for 30 minutes (not during office hours!!)
  7. Take short breaks: To break the monotony, it is critical that you take some short breaks like a breather, which will help you to regain your posture and concentration
  8. Social media detox: In a WFH, the scenario you would be tempted to keep checking your WhatsApp and FB status. As a detox mechanism too, you will have to set discipline to stay away from Social Media platforms, during working hours
  9. Eat Healthy: Staying at home, will give you temptations for munching and gobbling snacks. Take this opportunity to eat healthy food.

Remember, Work from Home is a privilege and we need to use it effectively. Also, it helps you to reduce your commute time and a great time to bond with your family.

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