Apna Time Aayega # Gully Boy – Life Learnings

Apna Time Aayega # Gully Boy – Life Learnings

With political parties trying to leverage the song from Gully Boy, the lyrics of the original song are definitely inspiring and give us some learnings in business and life. I have attempted to give my interpretation of the song.

 कौन बोला मुझसे न हो पायेगा, कौन बोला, कौन बोला, अपना time आएगा

The singer as a protagonist is asking us to remove any negative doubts or beliefs that is holding us against our vision for success and growth. When you doubt your power, we actually give power to our doubts. You actually wander to the dark side of your abilities. Apna Time aayega, is definitely a positive statement of both hope and conviction of looking at life in a positive way.

उठ जा अपनी राख से त ू, उठ जा अब तलाश में  
-- परवाज़ देख परवाने की --असमान भी सर उठाएगा 
-- आएगा अपना time आएगा

The singer here wants to– Rise from the ashes – This as a metaphor has different connotations. Everyone faces adversities. Every life would have those bad patches. Be it financially, emotionally or health wise.

Success sometimes is measured only with money — but a heartbreak, losing out on the top slot, falling prey to a terminal illness or experiencing loss of a loved one – all are hardships that are sometimes beyond our control.

Rising from ashes like the Phoenix calls for some introspection –

1.     The first step is to acknowledge that things are not right. One cannot live in a false illusion. Accept the faults and blames and get ready for the next action

2.     Work out to find a solution. Learn from your mistakes and work on the best option

3.     Gather the courage to stand up again. The apt question that one has to ask oneself – do I want to be in this place for the rest of my lifetime?

4.     Drop the excuses – If you think that you will remain to do nothing – you will perish faster.

5.     Get into action – The principle of life should be that as long your heart is beating, you will be alive and kicking. If one is thrown from a running train because of racism — either you can sulk and feel bad about it or get up and be someone like Mahatma Gandhi.

And when one, actually succeeds in doing so – when someone takes a flight of life — even the sky will take a note of it

मेरे जैसा शाणा लाला -- तुझे न मिल पायेगा -- ये शब्दों का ज्वाला.मेरी बेड़ियाँ पिघलायेगा
जितना तूने बोया है -- तू उतना ही तो खायेगा
ऐसा मेरा ख्वाब है  -- जो डर को भी सताएगा -- जिंदा मेरा ख्वाब
अब कैसे तू दफानायेगा -- अब हौसले से जीने दे -- अब खौफ नहीं है सीने में
हर रास्ते को चीरेंगे -- हम कामयाबी छीनेंगे -- सब कुछ मिला पसीने से

Here he tries to tell us the importance of hard work and efforts. There is a clear correlation between hard work and output. If you work hard for something you believe in… if you have worked hard for something you’ve thought and planned for, you will succeed. There should be no room for fear and a person with this kind of passion will snatch victory from anyone. The bottom line is – No shortcuts to hard work!!

अपना time आएगा   अपना time आएगा   अपना time आएगा
तू नंगा ही तो आया है   क्या घंटा लेकर

This is more spiritual aspect addressed by the singer/writer – Whether it is Bible — Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall return or Alexander the Great’s famous quote — I wish people to know that I came empty handed into this world and empty handed I go out of this world”. Maybe to tell us all..do not take life too seriously and tread fearlessly on your dream path!!

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