Ramdas Shenoyy from learns from Ms Seema Sapru on the education industry and how to create happy individuals.

Tell us about your journey of teaching?

I started teaching in 1985 and have been continuing to teach since, with a few breaks in between due to my husband’s transfers all across the country. I joined The Heritage School, Kolkata in 2007. Prior to this, I worked for GEMS, (Global EducationManagement Systems) and set up Kothari International School, Noida as the Founder Principal. I’ve taught in Bangalore, Kolkata, Kanpur, Ahmedabad, and Delhi.

How do you see the education sector moving forward?

I think education is one sector which has evolved over the last decade. The NEP is a very strong vision document which I believe will pave the way for innovation and research.

With online teaching becoming the new normal and home-schooling a trend, do you see the relevance of physical schools in the future?

I think blended learning will continue till things normalize completely. Furthermore, we have discovered some very effective methods of teaching-learning which would come in handy even after schools reopen. However, you can’t replace a real family with a virtual family. Similarly, school is a social system where we make relationships for life. Teachers, friends, value systems, culture, and ethos of the school build your character. Physical schools will stay relevant always. A coach, a mentor, and a peer group is required for holistic development.

What will be your advice to young students on choice of career?

I would like young boys and girls to give themselves time to think and not be in a hurry to decide something so important for their lives, in a hurry. I think I would rather advise schools and families to give vast exposure to students for them to realize their potential. Nurturing them, guiding them to become independent thinkers, empowering them to make decisions, and trusting their decisions will make them choose the right options.

In today’s pressure world, where young adults are prone to depression, how can one inject happiness in their lives?

Happiness is not a quick-fix solution that can be injected into anyone’s life. Children should go through defeat, praise, denial, and approval for a sound upbringing. Adults like us need to understand the responsibility of becoming a parent, an educator, and a compassionate human being. Giving care, attention, time, love and a balanced outlook is a tough skill, which most of us are not equipped with. At times, depression could be a result of bullying, but the fragility lies within the person who gets depressed due to certain insecurities he/she develops while growing. The depressed young adult is an outcome of deficiencies we care-givers have, which we have not been able to identify within ourselves. We should be able to take responsibility for not trying enough for anyone who falls short of his/her goals in life. I think we need to take counseling sessions with parents, family members, and educators to understand the core issue.

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