Bypassing the Bypass Surgery – Leading the Preventive Cardiology Movement – Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi.


Dr Pratiksha Gandhi– Preventive Healthcare Expert, Investor , Business Mentor, Parallel Entrepreneur from Los Angeles in conversation with Ramdas Shenoyy from

What is preventive cardiology and what role does a preventive cardiologist play?

Preventive Cardiology is a super speciality  focused on lowering patients’ risk for developing heart disease and having a first heart attack or stroke while also preventing further issues in people who already have cardiovascular disease.

70% of people have heart attack as first symptom. The role of preventive cardiologist is to educate empower and elevate cardiac health to reduce the incidence of heart attack and prevent unnecessary surgeries. As India’s first woman cardiologist since 1997, this branch has come a long way where there are many doctors in India who have adopted this specialty to help people.

What are the qualities that make you successful in entrepreneurship?

Being a visionary and ability to foresee situations. Blue Ocean Strategist. When I began the journey as first woman preventive cardiologist of India, there was no roadmap for me. I listened to the patients woes and created entire preventive cardiology program based on medical management ,diet, exercise and yoga which opened up a new branch in the field of cardiology. 

As a serial entrepreneur and looking at diverse sectors like Education, Entertainment, Real Estate and Food industry– which is the most exciting industry and what excites you?

I have been investor in many industries however healthcare is most exciting as the latest developments and endless possibilities of innovations in improving human life always fascinates me. 

What is bypassing bypass surgery all about?

When the heart arteries are blocked, generally an open heart surgery is advised where the blocked arteries are bypassed with grafts. However, in bypassing bypass surgery we use non-invasive methods where we create natural bypass using the intrinsic collaterals of the heart. The procedure doesn’t require hospitalization, is painless, scarless, and very safe for the patients with no side effects. 

What would be your advice to young aspirants who want to pursue medicine?

The young aspirants should pursue medicine only if they have a passion to serve people and help patients. If making money is the goal than there are lot of better avenues in current times. Unfortunately with the advent of private medical colleges and huge cost involved there is lot of unwarranted practices in medicine which was not there in earlier periods. Medicine currently practiced is mostly commercial with lot fo unnecessary diagnostics and procedures. This will only change with the new generation of doctors who will stand up against the prevalent corrupt practices and bring in changes with enthusiasm to serve the patients in true spirit. 

Who has been your inspiration in life?

In childhood  I was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi as I had read his autobiography, along with complete works of Swami Vivekananda. Both of them invoked in me a patriotic fervour to work for the people and IPC (Institute of Preventive cardiology ) mission was result of my inspiration. 

Later on in life Paramhansa Yogananda who is known as Father of Yoga in the west is my inspiration as now my mission has expanded on a global arena with no boundaries. 

The Global Foundation for Preventive Cardiology Is on a Mission to Educate 100 Million Hearts and

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