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Ramdas Shenoyy talks to Mehek @MyDiet on everything you wanted to know about the right diet and career as a dietician. She won the National Achievers award for the best diet and nutrition. The picture shows her receiving the award from film star Kriti Sanon.

What is the role of a dietician and nutritionist in today’s health scenario where everyone at least talks about having a healthy diet?

In today’s scenario, the role of a nutritionist is to guide an individual’s body needs. The same set of rules and diet and the routine cannot work for everyone. Every Body is unique, it becomes imperative for the diet counselor to advise the client correctly and give them the necessary knowledge required for their improvement.

Your life’s journey so far? Any incident which you feel had created an impact on someone’s life.

I belong to a North Indian Baniya Family. Being a big-time foodie,  I was somebody who was surrounded by sweets and fried foods like ‘Kachodi’( a fried Indian snack) all the time, I could relate myself to diet. When I studied nutrition I, understood that diet is not about losing your appetite but eating in the right way.

No matter what you eat, you should be aware of how your body system is going to digest and balance the same. It is important that your body metabolism is able to sustain the junk food intake. Even foods that are high in sugar should not affect your body in a bad way. I am a social person, eating out almost 4 times a week but I make correct checks and balances when I eat wrong and these learnings — I have passed on to my 7000 + clients. My clients actually learn how to play smart with diet.

How to define an ideal weight and healthy diet?

An ideal weight is calculated as per your age, height and other factors. A slight variation is ok, but a major deviation from an Ideal weight will have a negative impact on the body. A healthy diet is one that has got all the nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, Carbs, etc. It should also serve your blood type and medical conditions if any

How can one become a dietician and nutritionist? What is your advice to young aspirants?

An aspirant dietician and nutritionist requires undergoing a detailed nutritionist program. The courses in Nutrition and Dietetics are offered at diploma, undergraduate and post-graduate level. But more important is the extra zeal required to explore new stuff, continuous reading and trying to find new and practical solutions to people’s challenges.

Young aspirants should not only focus on the knowledge derived from books but also on the practical exposure they can get from live cases.

There is a huge market for foods that are labeled as healthy. How would we know what is healthy or unhealthy food?

Healthy foods are those which are full of nutritious elements like vitamins, protein, minerals, etc. Unhealthy food may be something that has too much sugar or oil which affects blood glucose, cholesterol levels, etc.

Are protein and other supplements safe or could actually have severe side effects?

Protein and other supplements may not be safe if not taken under correct guidance because the expert needs to understand the person’s body requirement and when and how the supplements should be taken otherwise they can have severe side–effects.

What are your plans for 2020

I am planning to bring in MY DIET products soon, all the healthy diet food at very reasonable prices.

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