Don’t do it alone – Donna Kunde’s business tips


Ramdas Shenoyy from having a chat with Donna, the Radio Lady, Entrepreneur, Coach and Trainer.

Donna is an internationally recognized Business Coach and Trainer. She brings 20+ years’ experience in military leadership where she served as both a military musician and military higher ranking leader. Donna has been a serial entrepreneur for the last 25 years and has owned several successful businesses and some not so successful. She has extensive experience with the unique challenges and struggles that solopreneurs face and the challenges of small business growth. 

Your journey– how it all started and what is your vision for future?

My purpose has always been to partner with world changers so together we can make a bigger global impact. That vision led me to my military career and to start my coaching practice after I retired from the military. Along the way I met William Eastman who was the general manager at a Central Virginia radio station. I was a guest on one of his shows and he invited me back. We realized we had similar business views and decided to start a weekly Sales radio show. At the end of last year, Bill decided to launch a global business growth radio station and I asked to partner with him. In less than a year we have listeners in 150 countries and almost 50 on Air talent from 13 countries. The future vision is IBGR available in multiple languages and an online community with daily connections made where we all help each other grow!

How has your military background helped you?

My military background helps me have the discipline to run 24 hour operations with minimal staffing. My business partner and I both have a military background and know how to prioritize, focus and get the job done. 

As a serial entrepreneur and now at IBGR– what excites you and keeps you motivated?

I am motivated every day because IBGR is my life’s purpose being fulfilled. I love the people on our team and in our community and the difference we get to make in the lives of business owners around the world.

What is Music for you and what does music teach us in life?

Music is connection to me. As a flute soloist, I learned how to connect with my audience without using words. This ability to connect is now my super power at IBGR – I believe my musical background makes me a better human connector and building a business is all about meaningful connections. 

Your advice to young entrepreneurs across the globe?

Don’t do it alone! It’s hard enough to build a business in normal circumstances, let alone during a pandemic. There is strength in numbers – join the and tap into our IBGR mentor’s experience and expertise. 

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