Finding the Right Job– Viswanath PS, Managing Director & CEO, Randstad India Private Ltd

Finding the Right Job– Viswanath PS, Managing Director & CEO, Randstad India Private Ltd

Ramdas Shenoy speaks to Viswanath on new recruitment trends and insights for the new age HR professional

How do you see the job scene in this Co-Covid scenario for freshers on one end and Senior leaders at the other end of the spectrum?

  • We expect increase in executive appointments. As always leadership and executive boards will be a crucial factor for success, but perhaps more than ever, business will need their leaders to be at the top of the game to navigate their way through the challenges and opportunities ahead.
  • The demand for hiring fresher’s is also at a high. Information technology, telecommunication and technology start-ups, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, logistics and manufacturing are few sectors that are doing well in terms of freshers hiring.
  • Indian software services companies are hiring freshers in record numbers as they try to cope with the surge in demand for digital skills and rising employee turnover in the past two quarters.
  • Pressure to improve profit margins is also forcing these companies to hire more freshers.
  • The top four IT services companies are planning to hire about 120,000 freshers this fiscal

Which sectors are looking at investing in human resources?

While employee training is important across all industries, there are some key industries that can benefit significantly from improving their HR strategy. Some notable industries that should be investing in HR assessments right now include:

  • eCommerce
  • Food and Grocery
  • SaaS
  • Healthcare 
  • Travel
  • Hospitality

With so many skill upgrading options available in edutech platforms, are they really helping the cause of getting industry ready workforce? 

  • Education doesn’t just end after school or college, though. In an era of increasing tech disruption, continuous learning has become ever more important to safeguard jobs for the future. 
  • The World Economic Forum has predicted that by 2022 over half of employees will require significant reskilling or upskilling to do their jobs — and that was before Covid-19. 
  • It’s also more cost-effective for employers, who can save on rehiring when the virus subsides. Estimates suggest replacing staff can cost as much as 50%-60% of an employee’s annual salary. 
  • Companies like Wipro, Accenture, IBM are infact are tying up with edutech partners to have a ready-trained workforce they can deploy on projects.

How important is personal branding to showcase yourself as thought leader?

  • Your personal brand is what holds your thought leadership in place.
  • It builds your network and credibility
  • It builds your company
  • It opens you to new media opportunities
  • It opens up new career opportunities

Your journey so far and your vision for the future.

It has been an awesome journey so far with a lot of adventure, some successes, immense learnings. One important life lesson is the future holds infinite possibilities. So, it is all about driving transformational change that will make us “future ready”.  As a leader in the HR services industry, our vision is to support as many people as possible to realize their true potential throughout their working life.  It is also about “uplifting service” such that we become the most admired company in the Industry in India.

Your tips for young HR professionals

  • Understand your people: HR’s role begins with empathy. Get familiar with your employees – their personal lives, milestones and work anniversaries, roles, calibre, strength, weaknesses, comfort and discomfort, etc. Value the diversity and learn to develop a balance in it. 
  • Understand your role: HR now is recognized as a strategic partner, the focus is more on employee engagement, talent management, fostering innovation, breaking stereotypes and developing a collaborative culture.
  • Comprehend the business:
  • Be tech savvy
  • Widen your skill-sets
  • Increase your network

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