HR Learning – Engaging With the Younger Generation


The movie revolves around various confusions and conflicts the young generation faces with regards to love and commitment. The generation Y wants to explore, they won’t like to be tied down and they want to experiment. The challenge is they don’t want to get into any commitment. Now what would motivate a landline generation guy the same would not be enough for the i-phone/android generation.

“Bhaag to tum rahe they..mai to safe side leke chal ri thi… They won’t be in a relationship for conventional reasons. They can look at bigger picture and” The generation is very smart. Things which motivate them are

  • They have bigger dreams: They look at life beyond the conventional norms and irrespective of their background (economic/social/academic) they are quick to understand the..’’What’s in for me?” syndrome. Even in the movie, when Raghu gets the most beautiful bride, he is not sure and looks for what he actually wants.
  • Sense of Belonging- Raghu likes to be with Gayatri and Gayatri too is comfortable with Raghu, because of his honesty and they get comfortable in each other’s company primarily because they get a sense of belonging…and for the same reasons separate for a while.
  • Autonomy and Lack of interference- They like their space and don’t like to interfere in each other’s boundaries.
  • Empathy and small things- Appreciation of success and empathy for failure are two things which can attract the best of the best to work for you. Acknowledging that people have a personal life, that they have up and downs, that they are not automatons, that they have bad times once in a while where their productivity takes a nose dive. It is more of ‘being human’.
  • Direct Communication- The generation communicates very direct, even when Gayatri renters Raghus life, her communication is direct and she in fact analyses and brings her point of view on why she had to leave the marriage ceremony.

Definitely its not going to be easy to attract and retain young talent….

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