India’s first Doctor cum Certified Wellness Coach – Dr. Supriya Bhat

India’s first Doctor cum Certified Wellness Coach – Dr. Supriya Bhat

Ramdas Shenoy talks to the doctor on being a medical professional and insights on the wellness industry.

Why did you choose to pursue the medical profession? The journey and the inspiration.

 Science of human body has always fascinated me. Curiosity around it’s working was a natural outcome. Being around a family of doctors and healers, my natural and instinctive inclination was towards medical profession. The more I delve into it, the more amazed I am to see and experience the wonders of preventive medicine.

My parents Dr. R M Bhat and Anuradha Bhat are my inspiration. Dad was a perfect role model for endurance, craftmanship medical science and disease management . My mother inspires simplification, logical reasoning and faith. Faith is very important in every aspect of life including medicine.

You are India’s first doctor cum certified wellness coach — what is the difference?

 The main focus for a doctor is the curative side of the medicine. Rather the medical school trains them to focus on signs, symptoms and cure. During clinical practice, everyone develops a personal style around preventive medicine.

Wellness Coaching is all about enabling and facilitating a positive health change. Being a wellness coach is an advantage for a physician. The focus is shared between both preventive and curative medicine.

 How does Corporate sector see the wellness value proposition?

 The global wellness industry value is around 5 trillion having CAGR around 12.8 %. In India & APJ the growth is equally rapid due to many diverse offerings & rapid innovation on Health & Wellness. Corporate sector sees a tremendous potential in employee wellbeing. It is using the wellbeing not only for engagement but as a reason for better talent retention & growth

How do you see wellness sector in India– is it more of fad with basic things not addressed yet?

Wellbeing sector in India is rapidly evolving. India offers very diverse options for health and wellness. It has followed pathway of the west but has carved a unique identity due to diversity in the solutions available in the market. With the onset of new age conditions like Stress, FOMO, Anxiety etc. The focus on Corporate Wellbeing is not only on employee health, engagement and productivity, but also on overall employee retention & growth.

Employers want to make their employees to feel cared for & valued. It is finding its way to be embedded in organizational culture around health. Majority of the companies already have wellbeing as their priority, apart from employee engagement & employee retention.

With the current situation around COVID and the virtual “New Normal”, wellness is the fundamental building block to success for any new business. Employers are recognizing employees need. Various programs around mental wellbeing, coping skills, depression, parenting and managing the new work life integration are being facilitated.

It also sees future in creating a possible Risk Free Environment for employees once they start working from office.

What is your vision and future roadmap?

 My vision is to bring all the vectors of preventive health together and develop a one point solution for corporate wellbeing, with the core focus being on the overall employee wellbeing, and disease and condition management being the baseline.

What be your advice to young aspiring healthcare professionals?

Be passionate. Follow your dreams and be willing to take risks.

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