India’s Supermodel– Mariette Valsan’s Story


Mariette Valsan dons many hats – Super model, actor, singer and entertainer all with ease. This story gives us an insight into the modelling career and the challenges.

Some thing on your life’s journey so far ….from childhood to now.
it’s been a great adventure to be honest. I’ve had my share of ups and downs, but have always been lucky to have wonderful people around me. Growing up in Delhi has been a fun experience, and being a navy kid, have moved around the country through my childhood. 
When did you decide to venture into Modelling as a career? 
It’s more like modelling chose me. I was discovered by designed James Ferreira, who actively pushed me into the industry. Thanks to him, my first agency noticed me, signed me up and the rest is history. 
What are some of the myths of modelling as a career? That it is an easy job. That models are low in Iq – many of the women I know , admire and look up to have alternative career qualifications (including myself), strive to be good human being and actively work for the betterment of society. That glamour is the only component, there is so much more than what one sees. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into creating campaigns . 
What are the challenges in modelling vis-a-vis a regular corporate career? 
The hours. We work all sorts of hours and days, models are asked to shoot in different weather conditions and places to get the perfect picture. There’s actually a lot of physical strength and stamina required to look fresh throughout the day,  regardless of conditions. Mostly, it’s a career that offers no guarantees. So we have to constantly be reinventing ourselves to be ahead of the crowd. 
With lot of FX and 3D animation happening ….do you see a time…when humans won’t play any role as an actor?  
Actually, I don’t really. We will evolve as we always do, and roles will change accordingly. My acting career is at a nascent stage. I have my first film releasing at the end of the year and I’m very excited – Hotel Mumbai.  I have a few more projects in the pipeline. 

What will be your advice to aspiring models? Have things changed in the modelling industry?
Choose a different profession!  Jokes aside, modelling has evolved beyond just being based on looks to companies hiring people with all round personalities. So I would say, while being fit and looking great is essential, pursuing interests and developing yourself outside the industry is as important. 
Your life’s motto and philosophy. Have fun. Always focus on enjoying the situation, because the second you don’t want to get up and go to work, maybe it’s time to change your job @mariettevalsan

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