Jewellery Queen, Mona Shroff on Jewellery design and brand creation.

Jewellery Queen, Mona Shroff on Jewellery design and brand creation.

Ramdas from stirfrymba talks to Hong Kong-based designer Mona Shroff. Mona launched her jewellery brand, Mona Shroff Jewellery, in 2011 after 18 years of experience as a designer creating in-house labels for Selfridges in London, Gallerie Lafayette in Paris, and 28 department stores in the United Arab Emirates.

Tell us something about yourself, including what you do and how did you get to this position…the overall journey?  

Born and brought up in Mumbai ( Bombay )  am a Textile Designer by professional passed in scholarship from Sophia College Mumbai. Worked at Garden Silk one of the biggest textile houses in India as a designer, modeled for reputed brands and participated at the Miss India contestant too. I came to Hongkong in 1988 and shortly after started designing accessories for European department stores like Selfridges ( London ), Gallerie Lafayette ( Paris ) and 28 department stores in UAE for 18 years. I was designing complete accessory range from Jewellery, bags, sunglasses, jewelry watches, hair accessories, and fashion belts for 4 seasons. I was getting all these accessories manufactured with 150 factories all over the world. It has been a tough but exciting journey dealing with multiple people and problems. 

What kind of people wears your jewelry?

My jewellery is not restricted to any culture or age group. I design  Statement,  Edgy and Classic pieces that can be worn by anyone and handed down as they are timeless. Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities wear my jewelry for their Red carpet events like OSCARS, GRAMMYS, International Magazine cover shoots and destination weddings.  

Where do you draw your inspiration from?  

My inspiration is to make women look beautiful and complete their look with my Jewellery. My inspiration is to challenge myself to create a better collection than the previous one.

What is your feeling, when you see people and celebrities wearing your jewelry? 

There is a feeling of satisfaction that people are loving and enjoying my collection. But it also pushes me to work hard and keep creating better collections, so that the clients and celebrities look forward to enjoying different varieties of jewelry.

 What are future trends in jewelry design? 

I do not follow trends as they are temporary. I believe in Timeless and Classic collection as they are not bound by current fashion trends but make their own statement when worn. 

 Who are your favorite designers?

Italian are my favourite designers. I love their designing, styling, and color combination as they are timeless.  

Your best piece of work and why?

All my pieces are exclusive and I do not have any favorite or best piece. Every Jewellery has its own uniqueness, design, color combination and the shapes of semi-precious stones used. 

What would be your advice to young aspirants who want to get into jewelry design?

Be different, create your own style, never compromise on Quality, Finishing, and  Plating. Creating a Brand is very difficult as your Reputation precedes you. Work hard and be true to your work. 

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