Marketers are running out of ideas? #BlackFriday

Marketers are running out of ideas? #BlackFriday

For ages #BlackFridays were used for natural calamities happening on a Friday. It was used to denote the Friday following the #ThanksGiving practice of workers calling in sick on the day after Thanksgiving, in order to have a four-day weekend.

As Indian’s since we have already started celebrating #Halloween and without any clue marketers are using #ThanksGiving as one more communication piece, Now we see #Black Fridays entering the Indian market scene. Another western idea borrowed without any rationale.

As per Hindus, Fridays are considered auspicious days. Any trader would welcome business on a Friday and is called the day of Goddess Lakshmi (God of wealth). Fridays are important for married ladies of Hinduism. They do poojas, worshipping God on that day because Fridays are related to Goddess.

As per Islam, while all days of the week belong to Allah, Friday stands out for its significance. Friday Prayers are obligatory upon every male adult having normal health and sensibility and not in the journey. The Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said, ” People should not neglect Friday Prayers under any circumstances, otherwise their hearts will be sealed, (the will be deprived of Divine Guidance).

In fact, Friday or Shukrwar(in Hindi), relates to planet Venus, the story goes that Goddess Lakshmi was neglected by the gods and later the asura Guru Shukracharya took care of her. Gods went to Lord Vishnu to bring her back to their side. It was during Samudra Manthan, that she reappeared and married to Lord Vishnu.

This season, you can see many brands inviting for #BlackFriday sale. Xiaomi India has announced Black Friday Sale.@inspire2Rise. @Nykaa, @Amazon, and others are trying to lure Indian consumers with #BlackFriday sale. Communication is moving towards negative connotations where even a negative adjective could be used to draw the attention of the consumer or perhaps India is losing its #happy values.

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