Ramdas Shenoyy talks to Sargam on Pranic healing, the journey and experience. Also the role of Pranic Healing and meditation during Pandemic.

Sargam, denotes the musical notes, the first 4 notes of music. She has been able to heal many lives with her soothing vocal guided healing meditation. She was born and brought up in a very religious family but her actual journey in the pranic healing world happened in 2012 during a Leh-Ladakh group tour set up where she was introduced to a beautiful Meditation Technique Twin Hearts Meditation a part of Pranic Healing modality. She loved the experience and found it to be very interesting and her engineering brain made her to explore it further. During the trip itself, a series of wonderful coincidences occurred, firmed up by her belief and she started learning Pranic Healing.

It all started with a 6 months certification course in Pranic healing and now for nearly a decade, she has been practising pranic healing. She still is a Corporate Professional from #Tata Consultancy Services as a management consultant.

The science behind Pranic Healing

When asked about the science behind Pranic healing, coming from an engineering background, Sargam strongly believes that Pranic Healing is an energy healing modality, based on ancient teachings, and the form in which it is practiced today. It was given by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, based on years of experimentation and practice. Master Choa himself was a chemical engineer by education, and as such, he used scientific principles of forming a hypothesis and proving/disproving the same using experiments to validate these teachings.

“As an engineer, I always find it fascinating, that what we practice as a process to heal specific ailments is a systematic process which follows certain principles. Of-course over last 8 years, I have seen and experienced the results of using Pranic Healing as a complementary healing modality with conventional medication and therapy for various ailments and issues” said Sargam.

The journey of becoming a pranic healer

To be a Pranic Healer, one needs to enrol themselves for formal, instructor led courses , that are conducted at various Pranic Healing Centres around the world . These Centres are affiliated to the World Pranic Healing Foundation (Manila), and the instructors themselves are certified as teachers. Every course carries a certification and to be a certified Pranic Healer, there is a proper process of level based courses involving deep study of the energy and physical body, as well as active healing under the supervision of a senior

pranic healer , and then formal examination, as well as submission of testimonials from clients who have experienced relief from various ailments.

Pranic Healing and the myths surrounding it

Pranic healing is a systematic process of healing, that’s based on ancient teachings and is still contemporary and that works well. As per Sargam, “Energy Healing has helped many people across the world to lead happier and healthier lives , by being applied in conjunction with conventional cures”.

“As for myths, I’d say that the biggest myth around any energy healing process is that it functions like a magic wand , and that the patient doesn’t have to make any effort or lifestyle changes, and that just the healer alone will be able to effect a ‘magical cure’. That’s not really true, like conventional cures, Pranic Healing also works best and fastest when the client has receptivity, is willing to do their part of the work in living an active and healthy life , and is willing to change those habits that resulted in an ailment in the first place” Sargam added.

Healing is lasting and permanent and the real magic is in one’s own willingness to be healed and one’s commitment towards the recovery process.

Role of meditation during trying times like the Pandemic

Meditation , as a word , means the ability to be ‘meditative’ – which is a mental state where you are neutral in your thoughts, and you are not relating thoughts to feelings and emotions. You are simply observing your thoughts until there is that moment where you realize that even your mind is quiet and just content to be still and aware. At the time like this, where everyone has so many emotions and feelings of stress and anxiety, regular meditation can help us find our way back to some kind of inner peace and calmness, and then this starts to become a longer and more permanent state – mentally and emotionally. The calmer we are , the better we are able to find solutions to the challenges we’re experiencing during this time of chaos and uncertainty.

On how Corporate experience helped her to be a Pranic Healer

Sargam is fully convinced that her corporate experience has helped her in becoming a successful Pranic Healer. With a Consulting background of 14 years, she understands the requirements of her clients. She is one of the few Pranic Healers who will start with root cause analysis for the emotional issues that cause a disease and that has helped her in the healing process. “ I have seen myself become more organized in my approach to healing and coaching , in creating and conducting sessions with a proper flow. My approach is more professional and balanced in how I practice healing with individuals and groups. My corporate experience has also helped me leverage technology to reach across to more people “, said Sargam.

She was one of the first pranic healers to use ‘Zoom’ for conducting meditations and sessions and to set-up her own website and blog-space. In the back-end, she has been able to use technology to be more organized as a healer.

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