Mirror Mirror on the wall – 20 trends for 2020

Mirror Mirror on the wall – 20 trends for 2020

“Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?” – “Thou, O Queen, art the fairest in the land,” said the mirror. Then one day, the mirror said to the queen, “Snow White, O Queen, is the fairest of them all.” 2020 is knocking at the doors and one thing which comes to everyone’s mind is can we foresee — what is in store for 2020 and ahead?

20 Trends for 2020

  1. IoT will soon start taking over every device, and invariably your brain, what it means is that every aspect of your life from salt to aeroplane(borrowing Tatas businesses) will be governed and controlled by IoT
  2. Happiness will be an industry, with intolerance, depression on the rise, and the funny man will be the new profession
  3. Health domain would thrive, more for mental illness, there could be a meditation gym!
  4. Businesses creating social impact will be valued
  5. Education will have to look for beyond online and towards augmented reality
  6. Investments for most of the stuff will come from crowdfunding
  7. In future there would be a surge of telemedicine, Robot doctors to operate complex surgeries.
  8. Globally there will be more old people and pensioners where economy moves from wealth accumulation to liquidation…slowdown in the global economy (India has an edge if she manages it well)
  9. The millennial generation who believe in access then ownership—there will be a paradigm shift in the consumption pattern( earlier we used to buy CDs and Cassettes…fast forward now we stream and listen to music)…there will be such possibilities in other industry verticals too.
  10. Unemployment for old age skills will be on the rise….maybe jobs like economists will not be there in future ( What will happen to Nobel prize for economics??)
  11. People will understand the nuances of political manipulation and will not tolerate old age atrocities
  12. I don’t have any authority on fashion, but some fashion industry friends tell me that puffy sleeves will be the fashion statement, polka dots, bell-bottom pants will be back….basically, 1970s fashion will be back
  13. Google Analytics alone won’t help you to beat the competition. You may have to look at solutions like Amplitude
  14. Voice Search will be the next thing, where Voice-enabled devices will play an important role in consumer behaviour
  15. Email marketing will be customised with software tools and apps which will auto-draft as per the type and category of the target audience
  16. People will be more brand conscious and it will be important for organizations to invest in branding…SMEs cant say that they will only look at ROI of marketing or focus on lead generation
  17. SEO and SEM will be managed by AI, so advertising will be more targeted
  18. Businesses will need different and multiple marketing and communication channels
  19. Personalization will be the new marketing -eg..you will start seeing content based on your personality, search, demography, buying behaviour, your education, your social media interaction….and on …on
  20. India and China to lead rising defaults in Asia in 2020

The trends have been captured after meeting a lot of industry experts. If you understand these trends and tailor-make your offerings around it, you have a better chance to succeed.

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