#MockeryOfPoliticians—Are they really concerned? | Even Ravana was not! No one is heeding to #Chanakya’s advice either.


The recently concluded Maharashtra state elections in India, where the political mockery has led to a state where no one is interested in the common man, the farmer’s plight — where the politicians are trying to plough formulas for the common minimum program but no one is interested in the common man.

In Ramayana, Ravana was a king who was only interested to marry Sita, and he sacrificed his brothers, his sons, his kingdom and its people. At no point in time did he think about the wellbeing of Lanka’s people.

Chanakya (350 to 283 BCE) advisor to the Mauryan empire, had laid down some rules for the ruler

By writing “Arthashastra” and “Nitishastra”, Chanakya has truly guided the generations with his wisdom. Some rules that he listed

1) “The secret task of a king is to strive for the welfare of his people incessantly.”

What we see in today’s politicians is no one is truly concerned about the common man’s plight. It is the time of jod-thod (make and break) politics and common man’s plight is all in the neglected mode

2) The administration of the kingdom is his religious duty. His greatest gift would be to treat all as equals.”

Here too, we see political parties looking at religions as Vote banks. Though the constitutional framework is secular, in universities which should be the birthplace of building nation, every other day we see the Tukde Tukde gang talking about breaking the nation.

3) “The happiness of the commoners is the happiness of the king. Their welfare is his welfare. A king should never think of his personal interest or welfare, but should try to find his joy in the joy of his subjects.”

The less the better, its #dynasty and #nepotism everywhere from politics to sports to movies, then don’t blame the brain drain phenomenon.

Later, we will take credit for all good things like Indira Nooyi, Sundar Pichai, Sunita Williams who are now #USA citizens…but we add #Indian Origin. @sundarpichai , @indranooyi #sports #constitution #Maharashtra Picture courtesy #TheLogicalIndian #assemblyelections #bjpshivsena #ncp

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