Mukkta K, Indian Rapper & Rocking YouTuber — on the Music Industry and the Hip Hop Scene


Mukkta K also known as Mukkta Karandikar is a YouTuber as well as an actress, model, rapper and a lyrics writer from Mumbai, India on Stirfrymba.

How did you venture into the music  industry? What was your motivation and inspiration?

I was always interested in music! As a kid I use to play Indian drums(tabla) and also was learning Indian classical music vocals. While modelling and doing features in some music videos I got really intrigued by Underground hip-hop. It gave me the freedom of expression I was always looking for plus the chance to get my message and ideas out to a much bigger audience.

How do you see the current music industry scenario? 

 Its blooming. Lot of new vision and talent is coming up and it’s great to see everyone doing their bit to grow Indian Hip hop.

What are the challenges that you see for a new entrant in the music industry?

I think the biggest challenge is to find a music producer who has the same vision as yours because as a new artist not many music producers are willing to work with you or even to experiment with a new sound. Also finding a audience for your music is also not easy.

How has your musical and life journey been?

It has been amazing. The love people have given me is so overwhelming. Well I just see it as a small start right now as I have so many different genres I want to try and so many concepts to put out. So it’s a long way.

Which is your favourite piece of your own work?

 I guess “Aukaat mein Reh” was the first single of my own to cross millions and also gave me an identity of my own. Also I really like the sound of it but as I said I haven’t created anything yet that I am completely satisfied with or maybe I never will be as I have a huge appetite for creativity.

What is your take on life?

Life as Rosy as you see it. As dull as you make it. There is no right recipe to a perfect life you have to mix in lot of sounds and elements and make yours unique and melodic.

Your advice to the next generation who inspire to be musicians …the hard work, the glamour etc..

My biggest advice to anyone who wants to be an artist is to be Original and be You.

And remember its not going to be a smooth ride there will be times when you will want to give up on everything and that is the time you should hold on to yourself and your creativity and your originality because it will never fail you.

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