Nah! For Social Media—Business or Personal

Nah! For Social Media—Business or Personal

Ramdas Shenoy tells about 6 things you should avoid on Social Media.

Social media sometimes gets out of control, when things move out from your personal space to public space. You must be sometimes putting content based on the momentum of the moment without giving it a second thought on whether it could have any repercussions. Here is a quick reckoner for what one should avoid on social media on personal and professional front

What is confidential should remain confidential!

It is a no brainer that one should not share personal documents, mobile numbers, your child’s school details, your office documents on social media. Once on the internet, it is always on the internet. With so much of unruly elements, you don’t know, who will be misusing the information that you have put on the internet.

Personal becomes public, when you put things on social media

There is a thin line where every individual or a corporate would like to guard its privacy space. We should be careful about the kind of pictures, and information that you share. Letting the world know about all your life moments could sometimes put you in danger. Also do not try to wash your dirty linen in public

You could get Fired

Nowadays as part of reference checks, people will look at your social media behaviour. As an individual too you hold an online reputation. This could be an hindrance to your selection process and even put you in line of fire.

Don’t get into an embarrassing situation

Self-censorship on things, where you do not want to be seen in a particular action or attire to your loved, dear ones or bosses, you should avoid putting those on social media too.

Illegal or immoral

There are certain aspects which could be illegal in the country(law of the land) you reside in, but sometimes it could have an impact on the society specifically — opinion about politics, faith & religion, sex, caste which could put you in trouble both on personal and professional front.

Do not put things on behalf of others

Do not try to put things on someone else’s behalf be it your family member or the Organization unless you have prior permission to do so. This could actually put you into trouble.

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