Problems faced by humankind and what role does a coach play — Cristina Campofreddo – Part 2

Problems faced by humankind and what role does a coach play — Cristina Campofreddo – Part 2

Cristina — Coach, Trainer, Mentor & Author, Founder of CoachingEra, Coaching & Training in Italy & South Africa talks to Ramdas Shenoyy from

The United Nations outlines critical challenges that humanity is facing today around the globe:  they go from climate change & sustainable development, energy resources, the increase of the world population, to global hunger and gap in the economy. The magnitude of these issues makes them impossible for individuals or just one organization or institution alone to address them and therefore requires sharing of knowledge across institutions, disciplines, and organizations worldwide.

The major impacts of the widening gap between rich and poor can result in increasing frustration among common people and social and political instability. On the other hand, people around the world are generally improving their standards of living, and therefore, the demand for high quality and modern goods and services are ever more increasing.

In a time of distress and when we go through difficult periods, we have the opportunity to explore our inner world and become familiar with the totality of who we are, with our Light as well as our Darkness. And the good news is that we don’t need to wait for a moment of crisis, personally or organizationally, to access all our talents and resources.

We can reconnect with our deepest purpose and gift ourselves with the clarity and inspiration that comes from within.  We still need outer experiences; we need to learn, grow, and evolve. However, my clients masterfully taught me that if we just go after the outer without tending to the inner, we end up empty and disappointed.

The Process

Professional coaches are trained to guide people to learn their life and business purpose. When you act in alignment with your purpose in life you are able to attract supportive allies along the way and you are able to keep in mind the special, unique gift that you are.
People who go through the process of detecting their Life Purpose they achieve unimagined results: they manage to establish a sense of relatedness among the different areas of their life, they have a special unique tool to create visions and goals that matter and they always remember that life includes service.
Learning our purpose in life enables us more intentional choice and amazing experience of empowerment that touches everything we do.

Moreover, I want to add that coaching is an integral part of a thriving society and every ICF (International Coaching Federation) Member represents the highest quality of professional coaching.
ICF exists to lead the global advancement of the coaching profession.
In 2018, ICF created a new Regional Leadership System to promote the continued growth of a unified ICF that creates and sustains healthy and thriving local communities around the world. ICF staff and volunteer leaders collaborated to design a system that would enhance communication and collaboration for ICF Chapters and Members worldwide.
ICF Members already benefit from being part of a connected global coaching community.

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