Mythology lessons not learnt! Solve the Problem at the inception stage — Another Blot, Another Nirbhaya!!

Mythology lessons not learnt! Solve the Problem at the inception stage — Another Blot, Another Nirbhaya!!

India has got another blot by continuing to commit crime on women. A 26 year old Hyderabd Vet was raped, killed and burnt and India loses another girl to monsters, where the police didn’t respond when the kin went to file a complaint and the ministers are blaming the victim — that she should have dialed 100. And everyone …the state government and the central government is silent. #parliamentraisehyderabad

‘I am Scared’ were her last words— Mantris blame the Victim! Abducted, ravaged and burnt…India Loses another girl to a barbaric attack! #RIPPriyankaReddy

Whether it was Sita who was abducted by Ravana, where later she had to prove her chastity, although she was abducted, where Draupadi was objectified by marrying 5 men and who was later molested by the Kauravas. Then you have Ahalya, wife of sage Gautam, who was so beautiful that Lord Indra takes the form of Sage Gautam and seduces her, and again she is punished and converted into stone.

It was #Nirbhaya case that shook India and decided capital punishment for #rape but it has not stopped neither the mentality nor the way women are objectified. The Vet Doctor from Hyderabad was abducted, ravaged and burnt to death.

From early ages, it seems that the control over women’s sexuality and their ‘ownership’ by the men of clan, led to first objectification and sexual conquest in all human conflict. A serious issue like the #MeToo movement in India is seen more like a media story and no one is interested in resolving the problem at hand. India is losing it as a society said -@AkshayKumar, but then it is not the present state but where the country has not learnt since ages. It all needs to stop, but it won’t till we not only have strict laws – fear of law but also have to change the mindset and drill hard in all-boy brains that women are not objects and they need to respect and see them as equals. They are not your objects for pleasure . We don’t need ‘Tu cheez Badi hai Mast Mast’ anymore. Even songs like ‘Ek Chumma’ from #Housefull4 lyrics refer to how the Hero saves the girl from goons and now deserves a kiss that is not a great message for the youth. India needs a more mature attitude and be careful in all its communication, else the next generation will cease to exist.

We need to imbibe values – men need to look at women as our partners for life and growth. It has to be taught at a very young age.

This has to stop! #gender equality has to come into existence in real sense.

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