Success is for people who dare to be different


We all grow up afraid of being different. I think we all do. When we are young we want to be adults and when we are adults we find people who act childish. The challenge in life is that we always compare ourselves with what others have achieved and feel bad when someone else has achieved more than us. The challenge is to be different, basically, dare to be different.

The film HASEE to PHASEE, attempts to do this where the female protagonist Meeta (played by Parineeti Chopra) is different from her orthodox family and though she is an IITian who develops a polymer which supposedly solves the energy problem, faces hurdles from her own inner circle. It’s a very western thought that if you don’t get support from your inner circle, then either convince your inner circle or change your inner circle. In the Indian context it is difficult to implement this, but here Meeta leaves Mumbai for China to pursue her dreams (Her family obviously thinks she is crazy and even calls her a drug addict) addict)

Now, if you try to analyse the real world and how to be different and succeed is what the movie tries to attempt.

The Corporate World: The idea here is being a smart world, you could theoretically rise to the top of the corporate structure by putting your head down work hard, blend in and let your work do all the talking. A few years back when I used to interact with a leading microprocessor brand, they used to tell that hard work is rewarded with more work. In the movie, Nikhil (Siddharth) tries to impress his girlfriend Karishma and what he gets his more work and targets…to arrange for 5 crores. The mantra, therefore, is to work smarter and learn to play the game…. which just so happens to be… never mind I’m not going there because I am committed.

Entrepreneurship: The second tip which the movie throws is that ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship in you. Meeta as a character is clear with her objective and breaks all family baggage’s to achieve her business goals first in China and then in Germany.

Marketing: One important factor used in marketing is the shock factor. There were moments that either stunned you or made you laugh. It’s the “I’m different than anything you have ever seen before element!”

Building Friendships: In building friendship look for those who are unique. Learn and take pride in things and people that are different. One should value for friendship that value your difference. The movie tries to address the differences in the lead pair beautifully by managing and valuing each other’s differences.

Never Prejudge People: Disrupting the routine behaviour in people, and expecting the unknown. The movie has an instance where Meeta is able to recharge the car which Nikhil never expects from her. It is easy to win someone over by simply “disrupting” routine in a positive way.

Conclusions: The film definitely asks us to go out and develop a keen awareness of our surroundings. Observe what others around us are doing, and try to do the opposite (within reason.)

Dare to be different.

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