Success Mantra from the Founder of De Mantraa–    Dr. Meghana Dikshit

Success Mantra from the Founder of De Mantraa– Dr. Meghana Dikshit

Ramdas Shenoyy in conversation with Dr.Meghana

When did you think about De Mantraa? What was its objective…what prompted you to start this?

In 1997, the very initial days of my practice I realized that the patients coming to me with chronic illnesses had more than physical issues. When I started discussing with them further on their conditions, spending more time with them, I realized that most of these illnesses were stemming from their unresolved emotions and unresourceful mindset. In my quest to help them and to completely cure their diseases, I started working with them on their past memories and emotions that were generated from those memories. Ayurveda has emphasized that optimum health means having a healthy body and a beautiful mind. Ayurveda says that every challenge we face in our lives is due to the perceptions of our five senses and mind. I have always believed that every individual can be healed of not just the health challenges, but also of the challenges in relationships, career or finances. Any patient who wouldn’t get results in their health issues, I started working on the other areas of their life; when that area was healed their physical symptoms would go away.

The dream of having an institute that promotes a Healthy Body and Beautiful Mind was conceived during those days when I was doing this research with people and it became a reality in 2012. De Mantraa came into existence with the philosophy of helping every individual to find their Mantraa for success, happiness, health, and freedom. At De Mantraa we identify the root cause of all the problems an individual, team or organization is facing and give them customized solutions. We believe everyone has a birthright to feel joy and freedom in their life.

Tell me something about your life& the journey so far?

I was born and brought up in Mumbai in a middle-class household, I have three siblings. A typical middle-class household where my father was working and my mother was a homemaker. I had a comfortable life and my parents gave us everything in their capacity. Philosophy, Mythology, Psychology were well-discussed topics in our house. My parents always encouraged us to be curious and to always ask questions. This kind of environment nurtured my mind to solve problems, to find resolutions to challenges. The Never-give-up attitude was well cultivated in early childhood.

Once I found my calling and purpose to educate, empower and enable people to live a life of freedom and joy, things started falling in place for me. I embarked on a journey to re-educate myself on mindset, energy, quantum physics and subjects that talk about human potential and how to harness its power. I have traveled across the world to deliver my message and to educate people as to how they can live an empowered life. I seldom prescribe even Ayurvedic medicines. My main passion is to work with energy and vibrations. Elevating the consciousness is my purpose.

You are a doctor by profession and now a Turnaround coach– how are the two roles different and similar?

Let’s talk about the similarity first. As an ayurvedic doctor, I feel that my foundation is very strong to understand the physical body and also the dynamics of energy science. It helps me to help people live a holistic life; where their body, mind, and emotions are in alignment and they are able to live their higher purpose. That’s something that Ayurveda

recommends and I feel that I am speaking the ancient ayurvedic knowledge in a contemporary way. The Difference – I get to hear a lot from people that I have switched careers. Honestly, I haven’t. I am practicing Ayurveda in a different way which most people are unaware of. For most people, Ayurveda implies herbs, bitter powders, and juices. Let me tell you this, that’s not even a 1/10th part of Ayurveda.

How will you define your life?

I promote and teach what I practice. I firmly believe in human potential and its unlimited capability. I constantly strive to be the best version of myself and that includes making my world the best version as well. I feel at peace since I have found my purpose and mission. I feel that I am on my path.

Who do you see as your inspiration?

Well, there are many people who have inspired me. I learn from anyone and everyone who’s on the journey of change and growth. I look up to every person who adds value to other people’s lives. I feel that the secret of living is in giving. So, if we look around us, there are so many people giving so much in the world.

What are the criteria for becoming a good turnaround coach?

I feel that the most important criteria is to develop your skills and knowledge as a coach and it’s a constant journey. Beyond that, it is about building some internal strengths. I feel that to become a good turnaround coach, the most important attribute required is to be non – judgemental. One should be able to assess the situation in a 360degree frame and from

There on help a person to arrive at their solution. While doing this it’s paramount to have integrity, commitment, authenticity, and discipline. And remember it’s a constant work in progress. So your own personal evolution continues, no matter what.

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