Taste of Thailand- Chef Seefah on the recipe for running a successful restaurant business.


Ramdas Shenoyy from stirfrymba.com gets to speak to Seefah- Chef and Co-Owner of Seefah Restaurant & Asian Burger.

Seefah Restaurant situated at Hill Road, Bandra, Mumbai is a favourite for people looking forward to an authentic fine dine experience in Thai food.


Her journey started as a ten-year old with her father. She started cooking simple dishes at her home with her father and the cooking is on from that time on.

Recipe for success

Seefah’s success recipe is ‘Always work hard with perseverance’.

Characteristics to be a good Chef

To be a good chef as per Seefah what is important is

  • the ability to learn and adapt to new things
  •  Thinking about your team members and working clsoely with them.
  • She clearly states “don’t order them”, the idea being running a restaurant is a team work.

Importance of formal training for becoming a good chef

Seefah feels that when an individual is getting trained in a school or college setup, you just learn the theoretical part of the culinary,  but when you are on the field, you get the hands-on experience which actually molds you as a chef.

Food industry different in Thailand compared to India

Both the countries have a versatile food culture and both have deeply rooted  local cuisine, but when you talk in terms of Multi cuisine or International cuisines Thailand have range of  better restaurants and scores better.

She is also of the view that both the countries also have a street food culture but on a personal front is of the opinion that Thailand scores better on the hygiene factors.

Her initial experience of working in a 5-Star restaurant and now as an entrepreneur—the difference

Seefah feels that both her experiences were very different. She calls herself as a being a ‘Chef from the roots’. She said, “ My initial aim is always the food quality be it a 5-Star restaurant or my own restaurant. Working in hotels is only about taking care of food, but being entrepreneur there are many more aspects involved”.

When not working in the kitchen

When not in the kitchen most of the time she relaxes, travelling or hanging out with her duo (Chef Karan- her husband)

Woman empowerment

For Seefah Woman empowerment is when all women get the opportunity to succeed in all the fields irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

Advice to young people who want to be Chef

Be ready to work hard, learn new things, explore or travel and be patient

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