The Lady K9 Trainer – Pearl Jamshedwala

The Lady K9 Trainer – Pearl Jamshedwala

Ramdas from in conversation with the lady #DogGuru Pearl

What inspired you to take a very different career path — Pet Animals Care, after your MBA?

I have always had bonding with animals since my childhood. Any injured animal who needed help would not go unnoticed by me. Working & being around for them slowly developed into my passion and the enjoyment & pleasure that I used to get in serving them was beyond measure. After completing my MBA, I could still not resist my passion for serving the helpless and hence instead of serving companies, I converted my passion into a career and served the needy & helpless animals who deserve some attention & love that all cannot give. Needless to say, it gave me pleasure and happiness too. To begin, I started managing a pet shop in Thane and then changed the module to the virtual pet store. To add flavor to my career, I certified myself as a Canine Behaviorist & Trainer and also took up lodging & boarding of pets. I also look after the needy strays by helping them in their hour of need, giving them food and also rescues, adoptions & fostering.

How informed is the society at large on the challenges that animals face in the Indian context?

Recently, there are a lot of NGO’s and individuals who work in the direction to help the animals in their hour of need. But equal number of individuals are against this & create trouble for those who help the animals in their hour of need.

What are the criteria required to become a certified canine trainer?

You only need to be an enthusiastic ardent animal lover who has tremendous love, compassion, and patience towards them.

 What are Cat Lodging services, how did you conceptualize it?

When a family thinks of owning a pet, the first thing that comes to negate the thought is how would they go out for vacations as there are very few pet -friendly places in India. I too have a rescued dog at home and we faced similar issues. This led me to the path of opening a lodging and boarding facility for pets so the pet-parents could go on holidays without any fear.

Tell us something about your services and product offerings?

I supply pet products & accessories at discounted rates. I also take up home lodging where I take care of only one / two pets for lodging at a time and give complete attention, love & care to the pet. There are pets who do not want to return back to their pet parents from my home lodging. As a certified Canine Behaviorist and trainer, I take up basic obedience training of dogs which include day to day discipline activities, obey the commands of the owner and teach them tricks like play dead, pray, fetch, etc. with fun.

What are your plans for the future?

Plans for the future would include a complete pet facility under one roof which would include lodging and boarding facility for pets along with a pet store, garden for pets to play & grooming facility for them.  The money earned from this can be used for strays & needy animals. As a canine trainer and behaviorist, I would want to introduce only reward-based training for the animals and eradicate the harsh methods for training which are still being used to train dogs in India. I as a Trainer aim at building a basic good rapport of the pet parent and the pet so that they have a healthy relation and a smooth journey throughout and problems of pet abandonment decrease.

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