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How to De-stress at Work: Tips and Techniques

How to De-stress at Work: Tips and Techniques

Ramdas Shenoy from stirfryMBA on some steps to de stress at workplace.

Yesterday, I had a call with an old school mate after 35 long years (No prize for guessing my age). After the initial greetings, the first question that he asked me was, “Do you have any life complaints?”. My immediate response was ‘Nah’. But then I pondered on why professionals like psychiatrists, psychologists, lawyers, doctors for life style diseases are at present doing great? Most of them have a good practice primarily because the larger population have complaints and remain unsatisfied. The stress induced affects different people differently. The beauty of the word ‘Stressed’ when reversed becomes ‘Desserts’ and yet most of us do not know how to not get stressed. ‘One person every 40 seconds die by suicide every year—it is race, religion, country, economic status, educational level agnostic.

If you watch soaps or news channels, both spread negativity, hate and if you watch it regularly, you will have a feeling that the world is going to end anytime, and you are the most useless living being on this earth. The question then is, how do we help each other, our employees and our company culture during a difficult and overwhelming time?

How to support employee well-being?

Give a ‘Pass’

What it means is that  we have to give ourselves, and each other, a ‘pass.’ The pass here is to forgive self and others in various ways.

At Work, don’t make everything ‘urgent’. People have got into the habit of making everything urgent. If things can wait for tomorrow, let it wait. Don’t take things personally to people’s reactions, you don’t know the mental state of the other person. Though sounding cliché , ‘All is well’ is a good way to ensure self and others.

Chai pe charcha—Over a cuppa

Having a #TeaSideChat’(borrowed from #FireSideChat) with people  can go a long way — sometimes people just want to vent their feelings.

Do not try to fix anything – just listen.


If you need some ideas about what to read next, here they are:

Mindfulness Meditation

Some people get stressed trying to meditate. Instead, just take 10 minutes of your busy schedule, sit in a place, with closed eyes, try to listen to all the sounds that you can hear. After 10 minutes—you will be surprised to list the kind of sounds that you heard. If you have cash at home, then try to count those Rupee notes (or Dollar Bills—you will be lucky considering the current exchange rate), your mind will get into a calmer state.

Encourage gratitude

Ending meetings by asking team members to share one thing they feel grateful for — helps us pause our minds briefly to be present and appreciative.

Self comes before every thing

Get out of the ‘sacrifice’ mode and be selfish with regards to your physical health, me too time which will go a long way to bring you in a positive state of mind.

Encourage team members to spend time with family. #WorkLifeBalance is a B.S. word, your work and life has to be an integral unit.

As Leo Tolstoy puts it – “If you want to be happy, be.”

#Give2bHappy #StressAtWork

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