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StirfryMBA brings to you Social Media Calendar for 2022.

Many CXOs claim to understand the content aspect of marketing or undermine the importance of content and feel that just hiring someone with say the industry background will meet their communication needs. I recently met one of my friends, a CEO at an Insect repellant organization. He took pride in telling me that his marketing head was someone from Consumer Goods background (India’s Largest MNC in the Consumer Goods space).

During the new year he shared the new year greetings, which showed a ‘Happy new year’ message showing insecticide spray with an animation effect which shows Happy New Year and so blinded with love for his product, trying to spray poison over New Year wishes…. A blunder which could have been avoided.

That’s the problem of trying to use the cookie cutter model. In today’s context you need to also take care of people sentiments, when there is a religious overtone attached to it. So, when you have Diwali or Eid or Christmas, large organizations were forced to recall their advertisement campaign, when sometimes campaigns were perceived to hurt a larger section of the society. As a marketing professional you could get carried away by the creative aspect of the creative, but equally important is to understand the emotions and sentiments of the target group. Whether it was FabIndia’s Jashne Riwaz, or Dabur celebrating Karwa Chauth showing same sex couple or Tanishq’s ad on Interfaith marriage..some might say that as a society we have regressed and there will be others who will have a different view, what is important is whether we are able to address the issue of having relevant content for the target audience.

Getting relevant context is important and having the right content is important. So, when you are having products like insecticide or say even a toilet cleaner, you cannot fall in love with your product and show your toilet cleaner product range to wish new has to be done subtly so that you don’t fall in the trap of the advertising myopia.

For the readers, we have designed the Social Media Marketing Calendar for 2022. You could download it from the following link. What is important though is to remember that while sharing content, don’t just blindly follow the days and try to force fit your product offering. Though we are an over populated nation you cannot have condom products marketed during religious festival.

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