Vigyan behind Aadhar! Srinivas Vardarajan, CEO at Vigyanlabs Innovations Private Limited


Ramdas Shenoyy in conversation with Mr. Srinivas on deep tech, Energy management and IPM+ a break through innovation in the IT space with 7+ Patents.

Vigyanlabs is an innovation driven organization focused on building Intelligent Power Management and Self-Care products to promote green computing and save money for Enterprises. Founded by Srinivas Varadarajan and Srivatsa Krishnaswamy, they have attracted some of India’s best talent to create new intellectual property and build technology products to deliver the benefits of their IP and knowledge base to the society at large rapidly.

How has your journey been from being the Principal Architect of Aadhar to a Founder of Vigyan Labs?

Aadhaar was an eye opener for us, it made us realize the magnitude of the energy usage and wastage happening in the IT Industry.

It triggered  us to innovate in terms of energy efficient IT infrastructure, buildings & data centers.

How is IPM+ unique vis-a-vis the solutions available in the market?

The traditional approach has been to look at energy management as a typical product feature without holistically looking at the entire ecosystem.

With IPM+ we have an unique approach to look at the entire lifecycle of equipment usage and how we can make them more energy efficient while keeping the user experience a top priority. We have leveraged AI/ML, Big Data and IOT to automate the entire process and user has to just install and forget about it,  energy savings happen automatically.

What is your vision for Vigyan Labs? How do you see the organization scale itself to the next level?

We are deep tech company and our vision is to save over 100 Tera Watt Hours of energy in the next 5 years.

We have the IP, Proven Product Suite to scale globally.

Product offerings at Vigyan Labs

Their product offerings include

IPM+ End Points,  an AI-enabled, multi US patented Endpoint management software that perform the functions of multiple endpoint products in one single product.

IPM+ Smart Buildings — an AI-powered advanced energy management and predictive maintenance system for buildings enabling monitoring, analysis, decision making and actioning to achieve significant energy and cost savings.

IPM+ Data Centers — an end to end data center energy management product to enhance the PUE and improve the uptime for data centers without any intrusion into existing DC setup. This helps in significantly reducing Data Center energy costs, HW costs, VM licensing costs and Cooling loads and

IPM+ Personal Edition brings the power of award winning, multi US patented PowerMind AI technology to your personal laptops and desktops.

What does it take to be a successful Technopreneur?

Lots of grit, determination and never give up attitude.

Who is your idol and what keeps you motivated?

Have been inspired by many people like Nicholas Tesla, Faraday,  Ramanujan, Sir MV. The ability to make a difference in people’s lives for a better tomorrow. 

What will be your advice to young aspirants in the technology world?

It’s an exciting world, get immersed and you will enjoy the journey.

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