StirfryMBA a media portal with a global reach and a vision of sharing learnings from business, life, epics, movies, and features business leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, and young minds. StirfryMBA brings insights from thought leaders across the globe agnostic to domains. StirfryMBA propels the readers with insightful analysis and research — empowering the readers with — choice in decision making

The portal enables readers to get views and exposure to industry, professions, strategies, campaigns, environment, and society.
Inspired┬álearning — we take inspiration from business, epics, religion, sports, movies — featuring people from all walks of life around the world.

All this is achieved through collaboration, partnership, and innovation. Blue 24 Media, the parent organization of Stirfrymba is an organization built on the ethos of collaboration and knowledge sharing. The idea is also for the readers to harness their skills learning directly from people who matter.

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