Ramdas Shenoy speaks to the Spiritual Warrior—Guru Pashupati-Ashwin Chekava, the Guru who wants to create a ‘Guru Ecosystem’.

What is suffering? Because some people look positive even in a dire state and others get into depression even with small events in life?

Suffering is a natural growth. Whenever we have an event of suffering, we do not avoid it, we solve the problem. When we have an unsolvable problem, we suffer. When we start believing that the problem is unsolvable, that is when we suffer, that is when the suffering goes to extreme cases like suicide, when they are not able to resolve the suffering. Suffering by itself is not a problem, if it is immediately followed by resolution. And all our concentration goes into the problem, but what people do is they try to avoid suffering. Avoiding suffering is a problem.

What about someone who has a life-threatening disease, who still looks calm and composed, the problem is not or cannot be resolved, how do you see that?

Even in such cases, the problem is the person thinks that I may not be able to see my family or be with them, they feel negative about it. So ‘feeling negative’ is the problem, so if you see it as ‘all right’, I cannot see my family again, so once you accept that, you don’t suffer anymore. Suffering is pure emotional, it is about how you accept the situation. If you cannot resolve, accept that it cannot be resolved— better luck next birth!

Why do we see good human beings suffer in life (at least by life definitions and standards), whereas good souls struggle sometimes even for their basic needs?

Let me give the example of Mr. Rajapaksa – the erstwhile Srilankan President who fled the country. His first move was to pitch Tamilians against Singhalese, that completely annihilated the Tamilians, then he created problems for his own people. Now he has taken his refuge and enjoying. I asked this to my teacher…and he said you are getting confused between heaven and earth. On earth there is no justice, the kind of earth you are trying to create is difficult.

This earth serves both the sinners and pious people, both of them get their food. It is not that sinners always win, sometimes these lose too. If you are going to expect justice you may be disheartened, so give up your need for justice. You will have to see it with a different lens. You have to look at it as the ‘earth’ or ‘shakti’ is supporting him….. who am I to judge him?

For the younger generation, when you tell them to do good, but not expect anything in return, how to deal with the dilemma?

As Lord Krishna says in Bhagwat Geetha, you have authorities over your actions, you don’t have authority over your results. Do good to receive good is a wrong teaching. You do good, but do not expect that you will get good in results. Don’t expect authority over the truth.

If ‘Karma’ is the standard answer for most of the problems, and doing no ‘Karma’ also becomes a ‘Karma’, then how can one get out of the karmic cycle?

You need to have a Sadhguru who will teach you out to get out of karma. There is a process called ‘karma-visarjana’, where you are able to undo the effect of karma. Without a right guru, you cannot achieve that. Every individual has the same kundalini power and so everyone can learn yoga and grow spiritually. Even for the instant gratification generation, solution lies in ‘patience’. Patience is the jewel of mankind. If you do not have patience, you will always be frustrated. If you don’t have patience, life will teach you patience. You need to have patience, discipline, if you want to have a nice fruit, you need to have patience.

What is the truth in ‘3rd Eye activation’ — is it a truth or myth?

Third eye is our internal senses. It is very important to activate and calibrate it. Like if I am talking to you, I am aware of your voice. But also, there will be an internal communication while answering the questions – it is called ‘Tan- Matra’. It is like you can play the national anthem in your mind, or visualize how my house looks? Nicolas Tesla who was successful in activating his 3rd eye, would do an experiment and leave the experiment in the 3rd eye and see what will happen.

It is possible only through meditation, it is Dhyana, under the guidance of Guru. You will have intuitional capabilities developed. Before things happen, you will know about it. Do not try this without an active guru because, guru will guide you every day and he or she will tell what is going right or wrong. When you try to do it from YouTube, you don’t get feedback, so you will only assume..There are lot of self-,certified enlightened people. In our tradition, it is important to have Guru. If you don’t have one, you will have to wait patiently until you have one.

How to find the right guru?

A guru, who is not giving you a feedback on a daily basis is not a guru. The major value of a guru is that he gives you daily feedback. The feedback and reporting to guru have to be on daily basis. If that arrangement is not being done then it is a fake system. There are lot of rock stars and movie stars.

What is the idea of Spiritual warrior?

If we don’t have a character or role, we don’t know who we are and what we are doing here? Then there is no need to be warrior, because anything and everything is good. I have decided that I am going to be a Guru and teach people, so anything comes in that way, I should be able to kill it. Say, if I get distracted or attracted to woman and feel that I should marry her. If I get into that state, then I should be a warrior to kill it, I should kill that lust immediately. Any distractions need to be fought, and discipline needs to be like a soldier. You need to get up at the correct time, eat at the correct time, right quality and quantity of food, sleep at the correct time, regular exercise – sharp and fit- so we call it spiritual warrior and not just spiritual. So, I am building people who understand their character.

The other aspect is what is the problem?… I am solving in this world. If one gets to answer that, they are qualified to become spiritual warriors.

Everyone is not my customer. People should have value for it.  There will be a time in a life when you have to be a hero, when the problems are so much that you have to be in discipline, you have to get up and be in discipline. Such people are my customers. They are ready.

Individuals and organizations are one and the same. If individuals are organized, the organization will be disciplined and focused and if not, the organization will be chaotic. Organizations are made up of individuals. We focus on individuals in the organization. We also work on individuals and families. There is no point working alone. We need to evolve the family along with the individual, only then family survives and that is how we look at organizations as a large family.

The larger goal is to have a choice. Somebody decides that he wants to evolve, they should have a choice to come and learn with me and the other gurus that I am creating. I cannot teach everybody. If there is only one guru, then who will give the feedback, I cannot give the feedback to more than 100 people on the upper side. My goal is to create as many gurus as possible. I want to create 1 million Gurus in the world, so that people have an option when they want to evolve. I want Gurus with compassion who can help people to evolve.

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