Sorry! Will Artificial Intelligence take away jobs of Customer facing professionals?

Sorry! Will Artificial Intelligence take away jobs of Customer facing professionals?

Ramdas Shenoyy gives a perspective on the role of AI in enhancing CX

What if you know that the person on the opposite side is actually not a person and how many of you have actually felt frustrated when chatting with those chat bots, where your questions were specific but the answers or responses that you got were robotic. “Are humans at war with machines?

Will Humans be replaced by machines – what will be the future of the next generation—we are not giving them an earth to live(without water, without air) and now no livelihood?? In a developing nation like India where we have 22 cars per 1000 people, there is a huge chunk of drivers as professional for whom driving is a livelihood. Imagine a world for them without drivers. Imagine where you have that lifeside chat with the cab driver being replaced by ‘Alexa’ who is taking you to your destination…the question then is…Why shouldn’t you be scared?

When Garry Kasparov was defeated by Deep Blue, many thought that this is the end of Chess as a game, but in reality chess as a game as grown over the years. The beauty of AI could be to enhance the customer experience. What it means is we have to look at AI …more than using it for the Chatbot experience.

One could actually enhance the experience by Trainers who will be used to train chatbots and digital assistants to offer more “human,” empathetic responses, recognize and respond to sarcasm, and more. Explainers will bridge the gap between humans and the systems augmenting them so people can interact with them more effectively and trust the data-driven recommendations provided by AI. They can also diagnose and fix errors made by AI so they aren’t perpetuated.

AI can make workers more effective, more efficient and customer centric. AI can do more of repetitive work. AI will be able to anticipate needs and aggregate information instantly enabling them to be more productive. For example, it can advise field support engineer about the spares needed before heading to customer sites. It can provide intelligence about customers calling into a call center so that the agents are ready, have insights into what they may be calling about, and can provide faster, better service.

So AI, is here to improve the customer experience! Really!!

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