Thirty Qualifiers to Quench your Lead Thirst!

Thirty Qualifiers to Quench your Lead Thirst!

Ramdas Shenoy from StirfryMBA tries to identify 30 questions that qualifies a lead in a sales call.

With many CRM solutions floating in the market, one question that bothers all business owners or a sales leader is how to know whether the leads that have been generated by the sales team are actually worth pursuing. Though leads are integral part of sales engine and in present circumstances, people are looking for new business leads. In trying times, people get really pumped up, looking at the lead and start building huge expectations where the basic qualifying questions not being answered puts the whole effort in a limbo and that is where I have tried to identify 30 questions that a new solution provider could ask or gather from its prospective customers. That, being answered, will give us a fair idea on, where the lead is heading and whether you could put the lead in the traditional cold, warm or hot bucket.


  1. Name of the Organization
  2. Key People and team size(employee strength)
  3. Contact nos and email id
  4. Company website
  5. Social Media and Market media presence – FB, LinkedIn, Just Dial, IndiaMart, Sulekha etc.
  6. Is it B2B, B2C or B2B2C business?
  7. How old is the Company?
  8. What industry the organization belongs to?

QUALIFIERS to be checked with the customers

  1. Which industries the organization caters to?
  2. What are the biggest priorities and business goal for your business this year?
  3. What are your key growth indicators this year?
  4. Are you looking to grow your business?
  5. The solution aspects-
    1. How urgent is such a solution for you?
    2. What is the timeline for seeing the results?
    3. How long you have been facing these problems?
    4. How soon you take it up to resolve these challenges?


  1. Have you bought any solutions in the past—are you satisfied? If not are you looking at any alternative solution?
  2. What is the decision-making process in your organization? What are the timelines for typical closure for purchase?
  3. Which teams would benefit from this solution?


  1. Should we close the deal, how many people would need training?
  2. In the past if you had used any other solution, what aspect you didn’t like for discontinuing the same
    1. Price
    2. Implementation difficulty
    3. Support challenges
    4. Training inadequacy 
    5. Scalability
  3. What specifically are you looking for from the new solution provider?
  4. Is there any chance that you will stay with the present vendor or you are 100% sure that you will move on?
  5. Best way to communicate with you?
  6. Any concerns which you think won’t allow you to work with us together?


  1. Is the customer looking at a trial period or free period before engaging with the product?
  2. What is the driving factor to close the sale?
    1. Price
    2. Support
    3. Training 
  3. Are you ready to sign the contract?
  4. If you are not looking at it now, what is the future timeline? In next 3 months or next 6 months?
  5. Why have you decided no this time?


  1. In case of upselling- Has our product lived up to the expectations?
  2. Are you re-ordering/ renewing the product? What will stop you from reordering the product?
  3. Has the solution been able to save cost or bring in more business or improve productivity?

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