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Unlocking Happiness: Insights from Joy, Co-founder of She Network

Unlocking Happiness: Insights from Joy, Co-founder of She Network

Ramdas Shenoy from speaks to Joy Leng about She Network and positive psychology

Joy Leng is a wellbeing and leadership coach for women trained in HeartMath and positive psychology. Fondly known as the Superpower Activator, she is also a dance/Qigong instructor, creator of the HeARTation Wheel and an upcoming book called SHE’s made for love, agreements for self-love and character strengths. She coaches female leaders how to activate joyful living and leadership with the CSR (Conscious Self Response-Ability) framework using practical science based and holistic tools. As the co-founder of SHE Network and the author of From Zero to Shakti, she is passionate about empowering SHEs to give themselves permission to shine.

What is She Network all about? Why did you start this when there are a lot of networking communities already existing?

SHE Network is a community of women supporting each other to discover and use their strengths as superpowers to unlock happiness, success and impact in every area of life.

I wanted to start something similar when I was still in Singapore. Somehow it manifested itself unexpected when I moved to Malaysia which is a beautiful thing.

Laura Kuimba Yu is my cofounder whom I met during an emotional intelligence certification program. We bonded over women empowerment work and got along fabulously. I had no plans to start a women movement in Malaysia but my connection with her somehow inspired that thought. On an impulse, I decided to spring that idea on her. Amazingly, she accepted. And there it was, SHE Network. Her time has come. What is very special about SHE Network is that it started in Malaysia by a Singaporean women with an African woman and is supported by our community leader who is a Malaysian woman!

Its symbolic beginnings truly represent what SHE Network is about, women going borderless to grow and flourish together. It does not matter where we are from, or where we are moving too, women are women.

We have always thrived in communities and it is a privilege to serve other women in SHE Network so we can riSE, together.

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How can positive psychology play a positive role in today’s world?

So long as the sun continues to rise, we have reason to hope and to flourish. Our brain is wired for negativity bias. That has served us very well, ensuring our survival. Sadly, it has been detrimental to our wellbeing.

Our brains and minds are not wired for our happiness. It is wired for our survival. Happiness is our personal response-ability. Positive psychology is a powerful evidence based resource that we can easily use to wire ourselves for more balance perspectives in life.

Let me cite several examples. Mindfulness is an attitude that we can cultivate to adjust that knee jerk reactions we have in us. It helps us to lengthen that pause between the trigger and our reaction so we can choose better responses for more effective outcomes.

Character strengths is one of my most favorite trainings with corporates. Simply because it is empowering to have one’s strengths at top of mind to hep us achieve goals and nurture relationships with others and with ourselves. Also, using our strengths are naturally energizing and an efficient way to reach desired outcomes. 

What are your initiatives — Sparkz Joy! and Zero to Shakti  about

Sparkz Joy! is a stress management program that supports leaders and teams to self regulate their stress level. It has practical and simple tips on how to manage our emotions and our energy level for optimal performance.

Techniques are fun, simple and evidence based, drawing from ancient traditions, HeartMath, neuroscience and somatic bodywork.

From Zero to Shakti is my autobiography where I shared how I took massive action to smash a limiting story that was my self identity for over two decades.

As a child who was not informed about her adoption, her small mind decided that ‘I must be so unlovable and unworthy, that’s why mummy gave me up.’ That became my belief in my adolescent and young adult years.

The book served as an invitation to readers to take full response-ability for their lives. The god, goddess, guru or lifesaver that you are waiting for is the one waiting for you in the mirror.

It was meant to be a journal to capture my important pilgrimage to Sedona to do a firewalk and my Warrior Goddess training. I never imagined that it would become a book. Yet, it was the best thing ever I could have done. I am grateful to have a book to plant seeds of hope for others.

What is the kind of social impact that you have been able to generate?

My intention is to leave a legacy of love and joy. To be able to do meaningful work that will outlast my short walk on Earth. To be able to leave glimpses of hope for the hopeless, and inspiration for the clueless. To this end is why I get out of bed everyday.

What is your vision for the future and new initiatives?

Excited to be finishing up my upcoming book, SHE’s made for Love, agreements for self love with character strengths. Looking forward to launching my leadership training programs, the SUPER Pathway and SHE’s a SHEroine.

Who is your motivation and who are your idols?

Maya Angelou. A truly phenomenal woman who beats up my ass when I feel illusioned. Whose defiant spirit reminds me how glorious life is and how much is left to be done. I must get up and try again.

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