Young Wisdom–7 Effective characteristics of being an Entrepreneur.


Ten year old Dhruv Vyas from Somani Foundation School, Mumbai gives a checklist before you venture into entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur is a person that solves problems like community problems or household problems, basically there are people who are trying to make the world a better place by inventing, thinking, researching, testing and so on.

They try to solve even our daily problems or a community issue like the local dishonest shopkeeper who cheats us with wrong weighing scale. A true entrepreneur will immediately think of it as a problem and start spending time on the problem. It’s like they hear problems, breathe problem and have the desire to solve them. The important thing is that the person tries to solve the problem one at a time and not try to address all the problems in one go. Sometimes many experienced people falter because they try to address many problems at a point of time.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy.  You will have all sorts of problems with many thoughts and ideas running parallel in your mind.

Entrepreneurs also try to make our future brighter and better. 

Entrepreneurs have always been supported by an ecosystem supported by some business and other leaders like John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Charles Merrill, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others who have donated and set-up their own charities to help people and donate huge sums of money to others.

Now I shall tell you about 7 characteristics an entrepreneur should possess


Being creative is an important characteristic of an entrepreneur. Many times, there is not an simple solution to a problem which makes it imperative for an entrepreneur to be creative.

They need to find creative ways to solve a problem , may it would seem logical or illogical, easy or hard.


Professionalism is very important for entrepreneurs. Their attitude and behavior towards their employee`s and clientele goes a long way in developing the culture of the organization.

3-Risk taking appetite

It is somewhat a must-have for all entrepreneurs. Without the will to explore the unknown, no entrepreneur can be successful in his task


Passion is needed in all cases as it acts as a motivating and driving force for entrepreneurs


No entrepreneur will be successful without planning. Planning to fail will lead to failing in their plans

6. Learners

Entrepreneurs are always learners and learning has to be a continuous process

7.Social skills

A skillset is an arsenal with which an entrepreneur makes his business work. Social Skills are also needed to be a good entrepreneur. Having empathy for a situation is also a critical element for social skills which will help in relationship building, hiring and talent Sourcing, and Team building.

It is not a smooth journey …yes it is exciting and only few have it all.

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