‘Chalk to Talk’ with Dr. Pramila Kudva, Principal, Pawar Public School, Mumbai.


Ramdas Shenoyy in conversation with Dr.Kudva on the changing face of education.

What are today’s challenges in society? Can Education in its present state address it?

The challenges as I see: inability to tolerate, lack of patience and hurry to succeed – quick money is equated to success. At times, values are sidetracked to achieve this goal.

The education system as it exists which believes in long retention, quick recall and ability to write down everything in 3 hours is not going to help. Students should be able to think, apply the knowledge and collaborate. The so-called 21st-century skills are to be imbued through classroom teaching.

With Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, many of today’s profession will cease to exist. What is your view on the same?

Newer careers will emerge. Google didn’t exist a few years ago. AI is to be used to supplement and enhance the work and not to be used to replace humans. We need to discern what technology can do for us.

How has teaching evolved over the years? Is technology a boon or a bane?

Technology is a boon. It should be used to supplement, complement teaching. Refer to the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLU2eeRwYMo to get my views on technology.

With the modern lifestyle and family structure– how to make students more ready mentally, so that they can cope with life challenges?

Parenting where the children are molly coddled has got to stop. Helicopter parenting is not going to help the children become self-reliant. More responsibilities by way of student council involvement for leadership, Mock Model United Nation sessions for honing communication skills and debating as also improving the GK, IAYP programme offered by the Duke of Edinburgh which helps students to build skills of survival and adventure and community involvement programmes that help in building sensitivity, cultural exchange programmes to build a sense of pride in nationality are but a few to name.

What are the initiatives that you as an educator are working on?

I have put together all my experiences as a teacher, teacher educator and a principal to publish a book entitled From Chalk to Talk The Art of Teaching which is available on Amazon.in

What will be your advice to parents in dealing with today’s kids?

Parenting is not easy. Be a good role model for your child to emulate.

How do we build values in children? Some practical tips.

Values are caught and not taught.

When and why did you decide to get into a teaching profession?

I decided to be a teacher by chance. But enjoyed being there that I gave up my middle management level to get back to teaching,. No regrets.


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