Map your Mind– Business or Life, Dharmendra Rai on Mind Maps


Ramdas Shenoyy from understanding Mind Maps with Mr. Rai.

What is a mind map?

A mind map is a tool that can make you think better in lots of areas. You can use it for learning, memory & creativity among other functions. It is not a new tool It has been around since the 1960s The smartest people in the world like Bill Gates & David Kelly ( The inventor of design thinking ) & Fortune 500 companies like Boeing & Google use mind mapping to become smarter. The smartest students & teachers in the best universities in the world like Harvard, Stanford, IITs & IIMs use mind mapping. Every idea has to be sold & mind maps were not sold well in India before 2009. It is now India’s time to grab its place under the sun with its brainpower boosted by the best thinking tools in the world like mind maps 

What made you decide to become a Mind Maps Trainer? What was your earlier career path…when and why did you switch?

Being a trainer is a dream I have nurtured since childhood Since my school days I was trying to understand the best ways to think better, generate more ideas, have a better memory et al That was the stone age because there was no internet, no good books on the brain & no trainers on brain literacy! I had & still have interests in these areas – learning, memory, creativity, productivity & influence. I was fascinated by consumer behavior hence did an MBA in Marketing in 1994 at SIBM ( Symbiosis Institute of Business Management ) which was among the top 10 Biz Schools in India then. I had a great career in companies like Alliance Capital, Morgan Stanley et al In 2009 I decided that training is still my first love & if I don t do it then I’ll probably never do it. It was an incredibly tough thing to do Switching a career after 15 years & saying no to massive amounts of money to pursue your passion needs great clarity of goals & deep knowledge of yourself. I am very happy I took that decision & am leading my ideal life. I realize luck has a lot to do with it I hope every human being gets as lucky & happy as I am  

What impact does Mind Maps training do in one’s life?

There are over 1,000 testimonial videos on YouTube & in writing. A few of them stand out A cosmetics major’s CEO sent a mind map to me saying it helped him to enhance his net profit by Rs 20 Crores. A Senior Executive from Google felt my training was very useful. Millions of business people, students, teachers & parents have benefitted in myriad ways. One of the reasons for that is that a mind map is very very easy & convenient to use. You can use a pencil & a tissue paper & make a mind map 

You can also use apps but it’s better to use your hands’ Research proves that makes for better learning 

Can you narrate an incident, where your training has created a great impact?

Apart from the Rs 20 Cr example which is quantitative & mentioned above & from the business world there are lots of parents who have thanked me for reducing the stress levels of their children Because after using mind maps makes learning fun, easier & fast Students can cut down their revision time by 90 % & spend time on sports or just hanging out with their friends In a world where kids are facing huge time pressures & parental expectations – this is one of the most satisfying results for me personally 

 What are the criteria required for being a good MindMap Trainer?

A combination of passion for brain literacy,  hard work & patience. There is a lot of data being thrown up about the brain on a daily basis Keeping track is a difficult time-consuming job. No matter how much passion you have to push yourself hard to achieve excellence Also patience is required because brand building takes years & results trickle in slowly. Anybody trying to make a quick buck in the training industry is destined for failure 

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