Body, Mind and Soul Healing with Marte from Norway


Ramdas Shenoy speaks to Marte Relling Uri -Energy Intuitive and Psychic coach.

How does society look at the concept of being comfortable with one’s own body?

Majority and in many ways maybe even 80-90% of the world’s economy and businesses are based on people being dissociated and unhappy with their body. This includes sexuality- a natural and very strong drive in Humans. In fact, this drive in some cases is stronger than nourishment- as it is connected to survival.

Through shaming the body and sexuality- both our body (our home) and a source for Life and Energy (sexual energy = lifeforce energy) gets preyed upon as a means to earn money; and people are stuck in an everlasting hamster wheel trying to look perfect and sexy- yet also not “allowed” to be a sexual being: this creates an impossible situation; and this frustration is easy to prey or capitalise upon.

This is also why the majority of those that with a pro conscious body image and sexuality are blocked and deeply censored from social media for instance.

How much importance will you give to the spiritual development?

There is no physical aspect without the spiritual aspect.

Many people abuse their body through workout – trying to forcefully shape it or control it. And many-many do this and call it “spirituality” trying to transcend or numb the body. It is a very different for instance to work out /exercise / move the body because you want to keep a healthy vessel Vs doing the work to look or feel a certain way

Majority of humans are really just using the body as a means to an end; and in this running over their feminine aspect just like society for a long time now has abused the feminine power.

A more holistic approach is required, as there is no point to focus on only one aspect; it is about integrity of the whole being. Anything that is to the detriment of the other aspects; is a kind of misuse or abuse.

I also believe that if every person replaced 30 min of TV (or screen time) with mediation per day; we would have a completely different (and more harmonious) society within very short time.

Life happens in the moment; and the amount of life is in the moments. Like just now; I am noticing and enjoying the sound and spaciousness of the sound of the keyboard- and all the sensations around this experience. It is as if time is standing still, and my mind is so extremely present. It is as a great adventure; yet it is so “mundane”

Even in today’s world, you see body shaming happening all around us- Men, women and even kids? What kind of impact it has on the development of an individual?

It creates desensitization of one’s own body: our very vessel that we live in our whole life; and the very place from where we experience the World.

Many think, that the mind is what senses the world- but it is the mind that interprets what the body senses.

When people are shamed from their body (and emotions); then they start to turn off the body’s communication (sensitivity). This creates less and less LIFE- and also to ignore the body’s signal of what is good and bad for you; what is unhealthy and healthy for you. And so, the health deteriorates -both mentally and physically. (creating great opportunity to capitalise on… medication, therapy, treatments, numbing devices like tv, drugs, alcohol, food, sugar etc)

Usually leading to a downward spiral of less and less in the body and are so alienated from the body, that do not understand what the body is communicating – and this often leads to even more numbing or suppressing through medication or other devices

What is Body, Mind and Soul Healing?

They are all different- and yet they are the same:

Body healing is in essential coming back to full sensitivity (that I put equal to sensuality)- the way we (usually) are born: feeling it all- and understanding that the things we feel are our body communicating to us about things that are out of balance/harmony

Mind healing- is to understand the basics of our mind + upgrade the cavemen & automatic instincts (like how we upgrade our phones and other devices?!). Most people are in a deep war with their mind (quite intense drama really) and are most of the time in basic survival instinct. And our mind has the capacity to be one our greatest ally and support in life

Soul healing: to re-remember who we truly are; that core of us that would be the same no matter who our parents were and where we grew up; yet also evolves with every second and encounter. Because of the old (survival/cavemen/ancestral) wiring we suppress and numb a huge part of our Heart and Soul- and with the intention of coming back to our core + through Mind & Body healing/work; we have the opportunity to become more and more integrated whole beings

The reason for loneliness, depression and unease/disease in the World is the missing of the pieces of our Souls and Heart; the parts that connects us to others.

What is your vision for future?

Every day I ask myself what I want to co-create; and part of the vision for the future; I believe includes people that are deeply passionate and care for the Future. I hope and believe we are co-creating a Society that is on its way back to a deep connection with Nature and a deep symbiosis with all living organisms –

I also believe that we are at a crossroads; like how it was with Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon. A jump in consciousness where some ancestral lines (DNA) will die out; as many are not prepared to take this leap.

The opinions expressed in the feature are the personal opinion of the expert and not of stirfryMBA.

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