How to impress your boss- 2 States


Based on Chetan Bhagat’s autobiographical novel, 2 States is about Krish (Kapoor), a young Punjabi college lad who falls for a zesty TamBrahm.

Chetan Bhagat’s story of his marriage, clearly has learning’s on how to impress your boss!!

Bosses cannot be a generalist animal, and each boss will have his/her unique characteristics. The movie gives insights on how you could impress your boss, and add a little masala of gender to it and wallah, you have a recipe for impressing your boss.

In the movie, it starts off from the IIM-A mess, where a gujju tries to explain the quality of Sāmbhar to a TamBrahm girl. The first few scenes are not very clear when they (Krrish & Ananya) tumble in and out of the bed and class and whether MBA is all about sex. But if you look at Girl-friend as a boss, whom one wants to impress or who is very demanding, then the key takeaways would be

1. When you start, don’t show that you really care about your boss: In the movie, Krrish tries to show Ananya that he doesn’t care about her looks(at least for the first few scenes)

2. Try to help the boss, with some management equations and jargon on topics he or she is already competent in: He is an Engineer, and she is a gold medalist in economics, and still, he offers his help in economic equations.

3. Show you are very possessive; this will make the boss feel nice, so in the movie when she wears short dresses, he makes it a point and shows his possessiveness which she actually likes.

3. Start ignoring sometimes, so that the boss gets confused on why the subordinate is ignoring? This will create a sense of insecurity and the boss will fall into your trap. In the story Krissh doesn’t want Ananya to be just a he starts ignoring her and then she moves in with him.

4. Try to impress your boss’s superiors. In the movie( her parents), So Krissh tries to get a singing opportunity for Ananya’s mother and makes powerpoint presentations for her father. Your boss’s family is your extended family. If you want to impress your boss, you have to impress your boss’s wife, in-laws, children and even dog. Here Krissh even gives IIT coaching to Ananya’s brother before he goes to his office (and that too on FOC basis)

5. If your boss leaves your city or moves to a different city, then whether you like it or not you too should opt for that city. Here Krissh moves to Chennai. Wherever the boss goes you follow…remember the old hutch/Vodafone advt!!

6. You have to ensure that you may have to even dance at your bosses family function…here Ananya, as a subordinate wants to impress her, would be mother in law at a family marriage.

7. When your boss decides to call it quits, you should start sulking and even have hopes that one day your boss will call you back.

Warning-Getting involved in any physical relationship with your boss could have its own consequences.

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